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Title :  
Lasting :   17,19
User :  Vuzragore
Date of publication :   2019-09-27
Views :   637
Liked :   505
Downloaded once :   948




I already had corrode on rockno and now I have another to use.
Comment from : KSI V0ID

Jakub Petráš
Got a 5/5 Corrode crest set lol
Comment from : Jakub Petráš

leopard at work
the new talent?! maybe?
Comment from : leopard at work

Felix Agbadah
I wanna c 5/5 revitalize on skull knight
Comment from : Felix Agbadah

Felix Agbadah
I wanna c 5/5 revitalize on skull knight
Comment from : Felix Agbadah

منتظر العراقي
I got ronin twice in free roll
And i get rakno and ronin and heart breaker one time

Comment from : منتظر العراقي

PS Izecloud
ffs my heart is bleeding... You just deleted two level 5 Wargods..... I would need those for my Aries or Anubis....
Comment from : PS Izecloud

Jon Parkes
Could you do a vid with scatter rockno i have lvl 6
Comment from : Jon Parkes

Eagle Eye
im lv 22 and my enemy teams are shits why u are 9 and u have stronger enemy

Comment from : Eagle Eye

Deathz RideRz cool liked
Comment from : crazygamerTV

Jon Parkes
I have scatter was born with it so ill give it a go
Comment from : Jon Parkes

Jasen Gibson
Really not impressed with corrode on him.
Comment from : Jasen Gibson

Funny_ TV
Can you test him scatter?
Comment from : Funny_ TV

PaymonTheLegend !!!
Lol my bro spun rolled and got me a Rockno, so happy
Comment from : PaymonTheLegend !!!

yc 9
Guys tell me if a 4/5 corrode is good on a Trixie treat?
Comment from : yc 9

Teh Best
i rolled a rockno with a 150 and he was born with 5/5 corrode
Comment from : Teh Best

Cong Minh Nguyen
wat about Scorch Talent combine with Stone Skin in Crest, hope to see this session...thks
Comment from : Cong Minh Nguyen

is anubis good with corrode?
Comment from : Tariq

Just put 5 corrode on mine. I think I will keep it, like the stuff he do on the video
Comment from : little9mihov

Pinhead Larry
Is this giy top 10 heroes? I got him,lil nick and and orksbane yesterday after not playing for a good year or so
Comment from : Pinhead Larry

King Stanci
how do you have this much lvl 5 talent ????
Comment from : King Stanci

Farhad K
Heaven's Wrath is underestimated, true that it has a cooldown... please do a video on that, would make a good comparison against corrode.
Comment from : Farhad K

Wings Unfurl
wow.. I have to start working on this hero.. hes not taken any damage wow
Comment from : Wings Unfurl

Nooblis YT
What happens to the acc?
Comment from : Nooblis YT

Derrick Krator
Dejale ese talento pero con el artefacto cáliz de vida agotada
Comment from : Derrick Krator

Dilip More
use caption for this video
Comment from : Dilip More

Luis Martin Diaz Cuezzo
please scorch 8-8
Comment from : Luis Martin Diaz Cuezzo

City Hunter shoninjump
demm, keep going with the vid~ ur the best cc role player
Comment from : City Hunter shoninjump

Test Account? @Aevatrex
Comment from : SpinKnight

hohou nice
Comment from : DUCKCOND

olek kamil
I'm looking for people to guild mypolska
Comment from : olek kamil

Dwayne Dawson
mine has scatter and he does really good.now im adding LD for crest set. he is a piece of iron
Comment from : Dwayne Dawson

Got ronin from a free roll :D
Comment from : iASk_9

Hey Aev whats better overall cupid or valentina
Comment from : Brazyyy

Gabriel K
can you please do a 8/8 war God medsua video
Comment from : Gabriel K

Team 99z
36k might f2p looking for active guild.. i have 4 pds, dd, sk, medusa, valintina, goulem, ares, lil nick, vlad dracula, and so many more legendary heroes.. i am very active and know hoe to play.. should be 40k by next week or so..
Comment from : Team 99z

Brenden Held
what's the story behind the account???
Comment from : Brenden Held

uGotFckby Haku
Pls make a rockno with lifedrain
Comment from : uGotFckby Haku

awesome video :)
Comment from : -_MARTIN_- : FREE FIRE

Mark Janssen
can u try 8/8 sprint ninja?☺☺☺😂😂
Comment from : Mark Janssen

mahdi azher
do 8/8 life drain rockno
Comment from : mahdi azher

I really want a corrode rockno now
Corrode Anubis??!!

Comment from : ProWolves

I thought this hero suck. seeing corrode rockno make me want to devo him now. tq^^
Comment from : whip2002

Gsam 3
Comment from : Gsam 3

Joshua Jobi
the Vlad's damage killed him there change the Cupid procked
Comment from : Joshua Jobi

wassup Aevatrex
Comment from : xXNO WORRIESXx

I got rokno on free roll :]
Comment from : Misclick_Towin

Comment from : dale4455

darsh shah
9.28 lol
Comment from : darsh shah

Héctor Iván Estañon Hernández
malditos heroes op!!
Comment from : Héctor Iván Estañon Hernández

Blake Brown
Comment from : Blake Brown

Thekilo Blitz
Wow I thought rockno sucked
Comment from : Thekilo Blitz

Ti Sharko
the best talent for Rockno
Comment from : Ti Sharko

Caleb dejoun
Rockno or Michelle witch are you gonna chose
Comment from : Caleb dejoun

Caleb dejoun
I wish I had that hero
Comment from : Caleb dejoun

he even got his own scatter built in his proc,a 50% chance is pretty damn good in cc
Comment from : areyance

Mathew Awada
put 8/8 tenacity
Comment from : Mathew Awada

Israel Lopez
i got medusa out of a free roll today
Comment from : Israel Lopez

duy khuong truong
Comment from : duy khuong truong

how much cc paid u everytime u do this
Comment from : SavageFiend

Rezent - Fortnite
My friend got a Rockno from a free roll
Comment from : Rezent - Fortnite

News - اخبار
Who Else Was Waiting For This Video ?
Comment from : News - اخبار

Comment from : Chaotic

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